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IHF GmbH & Co. KG –Industrial High Load Fasteners

IHF is an OEM supplier for a wide range of industrial applications (e.g. wind turbines, gear components, construction machinery).


2007: IHF was founded as a joint venture.

2008: First OEM delivery to a manufacturer for wind turbines.

2009: IHF production, fasteners and the IHF Stretch System received European Technical Assessment (ETA) and General Building Approval (AbZ) by DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

2012: Start of the "Maintenance-free"-project on onshore application.

2016: First large-scale project in the MP-TP area.

2017: Independent certification of direct replacement of standard HV fittings with IHF Fasteners by DNV GL.

2018: IHF company is fully integrated into the Hohmann Group.

2021: Scientific confirmation that IHF Fasteners have a significantly higher vibration resistance compared to standard HV fittings.

2023: Maintenance-free for 11 years.

IHF Bolting Systems
IHF is OEM for a wide range of industrial applications such as steel construction, wind turbines and all industrial applications from M20 to W510.