IHF's product portfolio includes a variety of fasteners that are used in different industries. These include standard fasteners, the two round nuts RMS and RMZ for general machinery as well as IHF Fasteners.

IHF Fasteners are specially designed for tension loaded bolted joints in steel construction and for the tightening method of hydraulic friction- and torsion-free tightening (ITH Stretch Method). Both components together form the IHF Bolting System. A long-term study based on ultrasonic measurements proves that the assembly prestressing forces applied in this process are at a high prestressing force level and lie within a narrow tolerance band. For this reason, the IHF Bolting System is defined as "maintenance-free".

Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures


Your advantages of the IHF Bolting System

  • Cost reduction due to eliminated maintenance work

  • High plant availability due to the freedom from maintenance

  • Less effort due to eliminated maintenance work

  • Reusability of IHF Fasteners

  • Bolting system up to M100

  • Load optimized design

  • Replacement of standard bolts and nuts

  • No washers required under nut and bolt head

  • European Technical Assessment by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)

IHF Bolting Systems
IHF is OEM for a wide range of industrial applications such as steel construction, wind turbines and all industrial applications from M20 to W510.


IHF Assemblies
The configuration possibilities

Deine Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten
Deine Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten

Conventional high-strength preloadable sets for bolted joints in metal construction (hexagon bolt, hexagon nut and two washers) can be replaced by innovative IHF sets. These consist of only two main components: IHF Stretch Bolt / IHF Stud Bolt and IHF Round Nut - washers are not required:

  • IHF Head Bolt assembly consisting of IHF Stretch Bolt with one IHF Round Nut.
  • IHF Stud Bolt assembly consisting of IHF Stud Bolt and two IHF Round Nuts

IHF Fasteners can be used in general steel construction, but especially on ring flanges. Available dimensions in standard: M20 to M100.


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